Forextrading the Islaamic way

If you want to invest in the financial markets, but don't have the time, skill, or expertise then a forex managed account is the perfect solution.


Simply put, a forex managed account is an investors forex account traded by an experienced forex trader on his behalf. All you need to do is open and fund your forex trading account with one of the regulated forex brokerage companies we partner with. You sign a document enabling us to copy our trades onto your account. Your account is then linked to our master account as a slave account. As we trade our account, the very same trades are instantly duplicated onto your account. This is an automatic process. You will receive our trades without us having any access to your account at all.

New technology has made this possible. Our trades are copied onto your personal trading account via a piece of software called a MAM (Multi-Account Manager) or PAMM (Percentage Allocation Module Management)


The MAM is the MASTER account upon which we place our trades. Those trades are then instantly copied onto your account using the same risk parameters we set for our account. The software will automatically calculate the position (LOT) size for your account.

This ensures that the risk as well as gain for both, the master and slave account is the same percentage ratio irrespective of the difference in account balances.


Example: Master account has a balance of $10 000 – Your account balance is $5000.

We buy the Euro against the Dollar with a trade size of 0.50 lots

The same trade will open on your account with the trade size being 0.25 lots


Unlike other companies we do not charge a mgt fee, interest fee, service fee or any other fees.  Our only charge is the performance fee, which is purely based on results. The performance fee is maximum  30% of your profits.

That means we only make money if we make money for you.

We get 30% of the profits for our efforts, and you keep 70%. If the account doesn't profit then we don't get anything in exchange.


You will be able to view all trading in live time on meta trader  platform which you can download on your pc or mobile phone. You are free to disconnect  your trading account from our master account at anytime if you don’t like what you see.


 Managed forex accounts offer total transparency compared to a typical fund. With a forex managed account your funds are held by you and only  you, as opposed to a typical fund where your money is held by the fund manager and this places you in a vulnerable position. You have no idea how your funds are being used and rely totally on the monthly\yearly report. With a forex managed account, your funds never leave your sight.


It is the ideal way to have your money traded for maximum safety, control, and true transparency. You can check your account balance at anytime, see the daily trade activity, withdraw or deposit funds whenever you please. You can also revoke the trading agreement at anytime if you are not happy with how the trader is managing your funds or for any other reason. This gives you the ability to “opt out” at anytime without paying any penalties. There is absolute no lock in periods.

 No other structure to our knowledge gives client’s as much control, access, flexibility and true transparency as that found in the Managed Forex Account structure.

A managed forex account protects you, as you are always  in complete control of your investment.


If you need to know anything more about our new service then simply send us an email!

*Past performances do not guarantee future results. Please understand that when trading forex you may experience losses as well as gains. Refer below to our Legal   Disclosure if you are not fully aware of the risks.

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