Forextrading the Islaamic way

750 PIPS

Average \ Month





Monthly Performance


Earning Potential

Total Pips to date : 26346

Example 1

Account Balance $1000

Withdraw profits : Monthly

Trade size 0.10

Profit $26346


Example 2

Account Balance $10 000

Withdraw profits : Monthly

Trade size 1.00

Profit $263 460







When you trade with our signals you need to manage your risk accordingly. We don't claim that we win all the time, so you should take responsibility for the trades you make. We trade for a living and don't trade to get rich in one day, and as such you shouldn't also expect that we send 100% rated trades that win.


We may have months where our accounts amount to losses. You should consider that while managing you risk.


For every $250 in your account you should trade max 1 pip = 10 Cents. (0.01 trade size). Thus if we make 500 pips a month you will make around 200$ for every 1,000 $ you have. That's around 20% profit on your investment monthly - Which is a very high return. However if we lose some pips your account won't be burnt or hurt too much because we usually always recover.


Managing risk is very important and means that you won't blow your account with a few loosing trades.


Everyone loses in Trading. What's important is that you stay long enough in the market and make profit with very little loss.


That's how we trade. Small loss, big profit, but High Risk Management.

*Past performances do not guarantee future results. Please understand that when trading forex you may experience losses as well as gains. Refer below to our Legal   Disclosure if you are not fully aware of the risks.

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